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Get your share of largest trend on the Internet: We've cracked the code on how to build your own Social Empire that will go viral and massively increase your Social Value. It takes millions of dollars to create top quality, mobile, family friendly games. Once you have a game it takes time, effort and money to make sure those games are placed into the best markets like the Apple App Store and the GooglePlay Store. This is a barrier to entry for most people to participate in the games business. However YOBSN games has a solution. We have found that there is a simple formula that the most successful games business follow. Invite people to play free games People make in-game purchases The game owners make money Now, for the first time, a top games developer, YOBSN Games, is offering you a product that will allow you to share 25% of the net revenues of the in-game purchases from the people you invite to play.
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Bonile Sobazile

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Cape Town and worldwide

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