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Fundraising, sales and marketing your business- Let us help you YouCo Holdings 's Directors have been leaders in the provision of Face to Face donor acquisition in the UK for over a decade and launched in South Africa in 2014. We have experience of fundraising in a wide variety of sites from airports , shopping malls ,businesses ,sporting events , roadshows and exhibitions. Experiential Marketing It is an undeniable fact that people are one of the most effective forms of media: A trained Ambassador communicates key brand messages to the public, ultimately delivering a positive and most importantly a memorable impression. How does this make them a more effective means of communication? Simple, They offer deeper engagement, which gives the consumer a 'reason to believe' through a more immersive experience. It's these experiences with ambassadors that allow consumers to better connect with your brand. It is about getting your product directly in the hands of your target market. This is what we do best. Festival Activation Stunts Pop-up Retail Guerilla Marketing Location Management Location Scouting Musical Performers VIP/Media Events Target Market Focused Planning Email: adminyouco [dot] co [dot] za Tel: 021 839 5522 Looking for a Career in Sales and Marketing, please email your CV to adminyouco [dot] co [dot] za Website:

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