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Energy Management Solutions Our company Ulilog offers the perfect energy management solutions for all your energy saving needs. Please find below a brief profile of what our company is doing and the phenomenal results we are achieving. Ulilog (Pty) Ltd is a holistic energy management and solutions company with a B-BBEE Level 1 Accreditation. We determine the best solutions to optimize energy resource management within your operation, and advise as to operationalisation of the interventions. We are achieving savings of up to: * 90% in lighting, * 70% in water heating * 50% on optimizing motors * 70% on water usage of conventional showers * 25% on air conditioners We provide state-of-the-art Smart Meter monitoring with historical and real time access, data logging, analysis and reporting which enables us to identify areas of energy wastage. Recommendations regarding low- and no-cost savings as well as utilization of energy-efficient products are made, to ensure your operation is as energy efficient as possible. We are achieving phenomenal savings. We offer a range of services and products tailored for your needs. These include: No- and Low-cost energy saving solutions. Power Conditioning Units Lighting: LED lighting, downlights, floodlights, spotlights, parking- and street lights customized for your specific needs, and which can retrofit into existing light fittings. This includes LED Tubes and other T5 and T8 solutions which offer significant saving over fluorescent lamps Occupancy-, daylight harvesting and motion sensors Motor controllers and Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) - for HVAC, lifts and escalators Retrofit refrigeration energy savers Retrofit energy savers for split unit air-conditioners Power Factor Correction Evaporative Cooling and Whirlybird hot air extractors Water saving and heating solutions Change management program - Stakeholder involvement and motivation Public Relations Opportunities - Keeping stakeholders fully informed about your environmental commitment and progress
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