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Have you ever experienced that awkward moment when sitting in a room with someone wearing exactly what you wearing? How embarrassing right? Some people go as far as now wearing that outfit again. Our Market research shows that when this happens people feel belittled and not special. At major retailing fashion stores clothing is m censoredproduced and increases the chances of a lot of those "awkward moments" At Tash & Lo we know every customer is unique and that should be expressed through their clothing. Tash & Lo is not just a clothing brand, but it is also a representation of personal character. The Tash & Lo woman is versatile, she is busy, fashion conscious, young, and looking good and different is always a priority whether she goes to bed or out with friends, she always wants an option. Our company is formed on the believe that clothing is fun, and we are giving you the opportunity to create your own clothes. With a strong influence from gorgeous and interesting fabrics, the mother and daughter bring a simple but yet unique offering of the hottest trends to South Africa. We customize our, pyjamas, and fashion clothing so that it can be perfect for you or as a gift.
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