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Are You in Debt? A disturbing amount of South African consumers are finding it impossible to cope with their debt burden. Often this is through no fault of their own, sometimes circumstances change and a person has to take a lower-paying job, or living expenses have simply risen to the point where there is not enough money over to pay for all of the credit agreements. What You Can Do About It As an over-indebted South African consumer you are entitled, in terms of the National Credit Act, to approach a Debt Counsellor for assistance. You may also be eligible for a Debt Review and credit agreement restructuring, depending on your circumstances. If you have unpaid debt, then you should seek help. The worst way to handle excessive debt is to do nothing about it and wait for creditors to take legal action. How To Get Started To get started with getting some help Contact Us Now and speak to one of our Qualified Debt Counsellors. They will ask questions, assess your situation and recommend the next step. We are registered with the National Credit Regulator and fully comply with the NCR's regulations and requirements.
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