nakamya operators and metal welding farbrication training centre

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NAKAMYASKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT TRAINING CENTRE WE ARE FULLY REGISTERED ck no-2010/139953/23 WE TRAIN THE FOLLOWING CONSTRUCTION AND LIFTING MACHINERY / BOILER MAKING & WELDING TRAINING The Center can provide safety courses for self sponsored and corporate clients for the following: LIFTING & CONSTRUCTION MACHINES 7 TO 10 DAYS COUNTER BALANCE (FORKLIFT) 5 DAYS REACH TRUCK /container holder 5 DAYS EXCAVATOR ,DRILL RIGGING DUMP TRUCK, ( L H D )SCOOP MOBILE CRANES OVERHEAD CRANES FRONT END LOADER TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE FRONT END LOADER GRADER BULL DOZER TOWER CRANES WELDING COURSES 3 - 4 WEEKS ARC WELDING , ARGONY WELDING , FLUX-CORE WELDING, DOUBLE COREDED WELDING , GAS WELDING ,GAS CUTTING ,BOILER MAKING 5-8 WEEKS ,PIPE FITTING, PANEL BEATING 3 MONTHS germiston, Gauteng, South Africa ,PHONE: +27790247327 ,web site ; JOB ASSISTANCE AFTER TRAINING secunda, rusteinberg, mokopane, kimbery, durban ,port Elizabeth e.t.c FREE ACCOMMODATION We are committed to upholding the national code of practice for the evaluation of training providers for lifting machine operators, under the driven machinery regulations in the occupational health and safety act 85/1993, as well as the good principles underpinning the national qualification framework. We further commit to the prescribed values of the South African Qualifications Authority under CETA and TETA
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mr peter
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