100% Abortion Clinic 0788702817 in Port Elizabeth Call Dr.Lucia [ pills 4 sale ]

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Medical abortion is a safe way to terminate an early pregnancy using medication instead of surgery. You will need to attend a Dr LUCIA clinic.0788702817 You will have a consultation with a Dr LUCIA clinic nurse and doctor who will explain the process of medical abortion to you in full along with no side-effects you can experience from the medications. An ultrasound will be conducted to confirm your pregnancy and the gestation. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you can? At any stage before commencing treatment, you can decide to not proceed or to choose a surgical abortion instead. During the consultation with the doctor you will choose from surgical and medical You will then need to take the second medication at home. Usually within 4 hours of taking the second medication you will experience vaginal bleeding, cramps and you will p censoredsome pregnancy tissue. the bleeding may exceed your menstruatal days You will need to come back to the Dr LUCIA clinic for blood detoxification cleaning pills a final assessment and to ensure that abortion is complete. This is very important. If required, additional health screenings such as a Pap smear or sexually transmitted infection (STI) check can be provided during your procedure. Find out more about medical abortion with Dr LUCIA 0788702817. At Dr LUCIA clinic we provide the option of having a long-acting reversible contraceptive IUD, IUS, implant or injection fitted during your procedure which can be very cost effective over time. You will have access to our national 24 hour aftercare and we also do FREE DELIVERY OF PILLS FOR TERMINATION. An alternative to medical abortion is surgical abortion. What is the difference between medical and surgical abortion?WE HAVE VARIOUS BRANCHES OPENED WORLD WIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA
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100% Abortion Clinic 0788702817 in Port Elizabeth Call Dr.Lucia [ pills 4 sale ]


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